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Sat, 23 Jun, 2018

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UK National Championships 2018, June 28th-July 1st

Introducing a pre-Nationals one day series June 25th-27th

Stone Sailing Club, River Blackwater, Essex




Situated on the south bank of the River Blackwater where the river is some 2km wide at high tide and the open sea is only a shot distance to the east, Stone SC provides a great sailing opportunity at any state of tide. Not only is it a great stretch of racing water but the Dengie (area around Stone) has its own weather eco-system resulting in more than its fair share of good weather and prevailing south-western winds.


The championships start on the Thursday but prior to this will be a one day pre-nationals event from Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th. A one race per day series will encourage sailors who for whatever reason may feel more comfortable doing less races but still have the opportunity to prepare for the Championships should they wish to participate. It also gives a great opportunity to tune your boat and get some valuable experience and practice on the championship course before the main event.

There are opportunities for other developments in the future for the first three days - example: introduction session for newbies to canoe sailing. then race in a limited series without disturbing championship racing.

Club details at

Notice of race can be downloaded here IC Nationals 2018 NOR

Entry Form is available here ICEntryForm2018.



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Events 2018

Summary of planned events below. These may change as the season progresses.

For specific details on the Premier Events, click on this link.

Date Event Primary, Secondary or casual Venue
May 19/20th
Open meeting (Sun) and training Saturday Primary Northampton SC
May 27th-1st June
Week long family event, 1 race per day Secondary. Off the beach sailing, time to play Saundersfoot SC
May 26th/27th
Two day event, 3 races per day Secondary. B/H pursuit on Monday Hayling Island SC
June 28th-1st July
British National Championships Primary - Nationals. Pre - event sailing action Stone SC
July 7/8th Lord Birkett weekend and long distance race Secondary, famous race, 100+ entries mixed Ullswater SC
July 14/15th Dee Estuary & West Kirby weekend Secondary, mixed fleet racing West Kirby SC
July 23-27th Europa Cup Europa Cup- week event Berlin, Germany
Aug 31st, Sept 1/2

Fri Training, W/e Premier Event

Premier. Joint event with Merlin Rockets Castle Cove SC, Weymouth
Sept 22/23rd Mengeham Rythe Open Premier weekend event Mengeham Rythe, Hayling Island
Oct 5/6th Fri Training, Saturday Open Premier Saturday, 4 races. Oxford SC
Oct 13/14th Final Fling Regatta Secondary, mixed fleet racing QAB, Plymouth Sound


Travellers Trophy

The 2018 Travellers' Series points will be scored separately for ICs and ACs and OD IC's but also with an overall result based on handicap (if they have been calculated) based on UK based Premier events only. A fleet prize will only be awarded if more than three boats each qualify in more than 2 events.

The Premier Events are the nominated UK Open Meetings and the National Championships with secondary events added from the list or where the committee have been informed in advance that more than three in a given fleet are competing.

Secondary Events are included this year to encourage involvement in shared regattas and are presented here where at least 3 boats have registered an interest. Results in Secondary Events will only be included if 3 or more boats are entered and they complete the required number of races to qualify in that event.

Scoring will be based as follows;

Nationals 3 points x (competitors - position - 1)

Premier events 2 points x (competitors - position - 1)

Secondary events 1 point x (competitors - position - 1)

Points will be allocated to a helm and boat. I helm using a different boat in any event will be scored separately.

Competitors is defined as a boat/helm who has successfully completed at least one race at an event.



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Handicaps - Note to Clubs

With the International Canoe class returning to a development status, the class accepts that handicaps for club racing will need to evolve with the new designs.

The PY system provided by the RYA is the main guide for handicaps based on club returns but the Class Association appreciates that this can be a slow process. With this in mind the Class works closely at various levels to constantly monitor the handicap of the various factions within the fleet to make sure that racing can be fair across a wide set of conditions, skill of the helmsman and most importantly the type of courses sailed. Based on current performance and averaging across a wide range of factors the Class recommended PY ratings recommended are as follows;

International Canoe post GBR305: 893 (or as modified by the RYA PY committee)

International Canoe One Design pre GBR 306 and the Slurp design:  920

Asymmetric canoe (A mark on the bottom of the mainsail): 870



Are you ready for the ultimate sailing challenge?

The IC is simply one of the fastest singlehanded boats afloat. This derives from its unique design, adopting the narrow hull form inherited from its ancient canoe origins, together with the famous sliding seat which provide a hiking experience no over boat can offer with its inherent freedom from trapeze wires but with a 2m lever from the centre line offering a very powerful righting moment.




International Canoe

The International Canoe is a development class restricted by maximum length, 50Kg minimum weight, a box rule to define minimum width within a beam measurement station and a sail areas of 10m2. A  una rig is now permitted.

In the UK the dominant design in terms of numbers are those from the pen of Phil Morrison developed by Bloodaxe Boats (Morrison1) and C12 Performance Boats (Morrison 2 & 3).

The latest design is the Morrison3. This is a fully moulded boat with a complete set of parts made from production moulds, supplied and built to order by C12 Performance Boats. The availability of standard components now means that the class has a fully reproducible, production boat which can still be customised but can also use components which are replaceable, interchangeable and easily supported.


The current UK National Champion and ICF World Champion is Robin Wood who won in a Morrison2 design.



There are many other designs based on the standard box rule adopted in 2009 but with quite different underwater shapes.

The Dragonfly designed by Alistair Warren adopts a flatter bottom using a twin chine approach and this has been successful with Alistair winning the Nationals in 2016 and regularly doing well in international competition.