International Canoe
                               - the ultimate sailing challenge

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History of the International Canoe: 2001 - to date


International 10sq m Canoes now WITH ASYMMETRIC KITES in the UK and interest shown around the world - September 2005


  Boat Helm Club/ area
1 GBR167 S Hotchin Oxford
2 GBR204 P Conway Lymington
3 GBR210 D Perkis Langstone
4 GBR224 P Hill Carsington
5 GBR277 *B Wood Llandegfedd
6 GBR231 A Nother Loch Lomond
7 GBR236 I L Williams Hayling
8 GBR249 S Hotchin Oxford
9 GBR252 *B Evens Weymouth
10 GBR255 P Barr Hayling
11 GBR260 *A Todd Dee
12 GBR261 P Patrick Exported
13 GBR263 B Clark Maldon
14 GBR266 M Griffin Burfield
15 GBR267 G Gyngell Hayling
16 GBR268 R Nelson Exported
17 GBR269 *T McCool Llangegfedd
18 GBR271 *M Bower Grafham
19 GBR272 A James Grafham
20 GBR273 *P Lee Lymington
21 GBR276 T Robertshaw Weston
22 GBR279 *J Nixon  Carsington
23 GBR280 P McLaren Loch Lomand
24 GBR281 H De Iongh Weymouth
25 GBR282 **R Oswald Hayling
26 GBR283 J Robson Ullswater
27 GBR284 R Wood Llandegfedd
27 GBR285 J Crabtree Somerset
29 GBR286 M Rowe Hayling
30 GBR287 L Noble Ullswater
31 GBR288 R Hudson Bough Beech
32 GBR289 P Patrick Emsworth
33 GBR290 S Bowen Llandegfedd
34 GBR292 **J Ellis Scaling Dam
35 GBR293 *C Newman  Draycott
36 GBR294 **G Caldwell Blithfield
37 GBR296 P Allen Hayling
38 GBR297 **D McKinney Scaling Dam
39 GBR298 *R Bell Grafham
40 GBR299 **C Brown Scaling Dam
41 GBR300 *R Michael Hayling 
42 GBR301 *A Biden Hayling
43 GBR302 **P Robin Hayling
44 GBR303 *P Hill Carsington
45 GBR3new *D Perkis Langstone
* New AC’s in 04/5 
* New to AC’s in 04/5
underlined   (7) new to AC’s since the Worlds '05

Current list of AC’s around the World

  GER67 Manuel Redek  
  GER73 Tobias Kunz  
  GER74 Echard Pagel  
  GER75 Jan Stahl  
  GER76 Arne Stahl  
  GER77 Axel Berwagen   
  AUS AC1 Phil Evans (+wings & trap)
  AUS6 Sean Anderson  
  AUS10 Hayden Virtue  
  AUS16 Tim Wilson  
   USA209 Dave Gilliland  
   USA Steve Clark (uni rig)
   FR Damien Apriou   
Caiman Islands      
   CI Roger Nelson  
   CA Bob Lewis (under construction)  
SEVERAL OTHERS Converting around the World


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