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Fri, 18 Oct, 2019

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Development stories

DRAGONFLY – Second Development by Alistair Warren

After competing in the Australian Worlds I started thinking about a new boat.  Monkey fulfilled her role of getting to the event and being a test bed very well but there could be some improvement. Orignally I had planned to build the new boat for the worlds after Germany. I knew that life was going to be busy when I got back and that I would not have the time, and it was busy.Henry was born Febuary 2009 and we had some properties to sort out, and work to go to .As it got nearer to the German worlds I talked about a new boat with my wife and we decided that I would have just about enough time to get one together  if I had the hull made (I really wanted to make it myself but time was ticking). There was only one person to go to that was Andy. I had been working on some new designs as soon as I had access to cad when I got back form OZ but even late 2010 the design was not finalized. I ended up going for a double chine boat with a fair amount of rocker. The hull was designed with, to a certain extent, the intension that I may build her  and that I wanted the mould to be fairly straight forward to make. This also coincided with design ideas I had, I liked the simplicity of Andy’s designs and this is where part of the inspiration for the shape comes from.

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