International Canoe Week at Stone Sailing Club

Reprint of the articles posted in Yachts and Yachting by Gareth Caldwell. Those eagled eyed music fans amongst you will note certain phrases highlighted. These relate to the songs from a separate band for each day. There will be a small prize from the bottom of the Chairman’s drink cabinet for the first person to guess correctly on the forum the name of all the bands mentioned.


Day 1


by G Caldwell 26 Jun 12:16 BST 25 June 2018





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....well, Stone sailing club on the river Blackwater to be precise! A healthy turn out of a dozen ICs attended the first day of Canoe Week, a prelude to the IC Nationals that start on Thursday. The week is run with an emphasis on handicap racing for the different designs of IC, with the new boats attending hoping to provide the 'Breakthru' in design.

Waiting for the 'Hammer to Fall' at the 2pm start, the positive 'Body Language' was evident from the off by Mike Fenwick who was 'Dead on Time' in nailing the favoured end.

The fleet enjoyed the F2 sea breeze, and Robin Wood showed his 'Staying Power' half way through the race by finding 'A Kind of Magic'; behaving like 'An Invisible Man' by emerging near the front of the fleet and muttering 'Don't Stop Me Now'.

With Mike and Robin now neck and neck, the outcome was certainly 'In The Lap of the Gods'.....the seaweed gods!

With only one race to be sailed each day the fleet decided that 'It's a Beautiful Day' and retired to the beer garden.....'Lazing on a Sun(Mon)day Afternoon'.

Day 1 Canoe Week Top Five:

1. R Wood
2. M Fenwick
3. G Caldwell
4. T Marston
5. J Ellis

Thank you to our OD Wendy Robinson, and to Freddie.

Day 2

by G Caldwell 27 Jun 13:10 BST 26 June 2018

Harken 2014 - British Sailing Team supplier

Awaking from the 'Big Sleep', and after an excellent athletes breakfast(!), the fleet surveyed the 'Waterfront' and were greeted by a force 2 breeze. Wind with tide made light wind settings the order of the day.

Perham showed that he was very much 'Alive and Kicking' after hours of boat bumbling, mixing it with the front of the fleet. Rob Stebbing proved clarity to the briefing's warning "She's a River" by checking the depth at both edges of the Blackwater - and can confirm that its very much less than the depth of his dagger board.

After an hour of the fleet playing the 'Hunter and the Hunted', the first three positions emerged the same as yesterday.

Thanks again to our OD Wendy, and this time also to Jim Kerr.

Day 2 Canoe Week Top Five:

1. Robin Wood
2. Mike Fenwick
3. Gareth Caldwell
4. John Ellis
5. Perham Harding

Day 3

by G Caldwell 28 Jun 05:57 BST 25-27 June 2018